Our President, Madam Nadine Salembier passed away

You worked a lot, it’s time to rest.
In your footsteps, we will walk, as you have so often asked us.
Very touched by the many marks of sympathy and affection that were shown to us on the occasion of the death of our President, the whole team of the INFA thank you for your messages.
No doubt his strength and positive energy will continue to guide us.

Nadine Salembier
President of the International Federation of Aestheticians
President of the National Union of Beauticians of Belgium
President of the Society for Animal Protection of Comines-Warneton
President of the Merchants Association of Upper Town W-Avenue - Brussels
President of the European Committee of Accompaniment for the Training of Beauticians
President of the Central Jury for access to the Beautician profession
Advisory Member to the Superior Council of Health
First Class Special Decoration of Professional Unions
Patented Supplier of the Royal Court of Belgium

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